New CH. Tarina MoonDancing
aka Dani
Now resides at "Adorah"
Dani, shown selectively by Heather Lindberg has 12 points with 3 majors.
Wile Dani was awaiting new coat growth, she was naked and t
here is
nothing more beautiful than a naked lady, There is nothing to hide when you are
Dani FINISHED in Grand style with just the Bare facts showing why hide this kind
of facts.....
Dani was the last Afghan for Pat Jones to show and I know she joins us in
thanking all who recognize the fine qualities the Tarina and Adorah lines have, and
that will continue on, here at Adorah.
Dani is a product of a tight inbreeding of Tarina and my Elias aka :
Am.& Can.CH. Adorah's DaDa DuChamp.
CH.Tarina MoonDancing
Sire: Ch.Tarina Mystic Lights  X  Dam: Tarina Paris Lights